Wednesday, July 25, 2007


An early c10, 2 tracks of harshnoise, spraypainted cassette, housed in hollowed out romance novels, all are different. Avaiable in an edition of 30 and the first 20 came with a bonus bcard cdr "Lust"

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Blashyrkh Sound Holocaust - Stratagem Tapes

Compilation focusing on Black Noise(a crossover of noise and black metal). I actually submitted two tracks, both of which were recorded from across the room and through a fan. Ultra lo-fi...

Track List:


1. NXFXTEX - Det Onde Morke

2. DUBH – To Return

3. BLACK VOMIT – Crush Your Day

4. SINPULARCTOS - Bi-polar Disorder (edit)

5. DEADHORSEYFUCK - KLN_noise rmxxx

6. LYCANTHROPIAN CARNAGE - Bloodied Forest Floor

7. XEDH – Abismo

8. RAPE RACK – Black Toke

9. GRIZ+ZLOR – Winter’s Twilight

10. BEIGE EFFLUENT – festivals of Light


1. FILTHY TURD – Grimm Love

2. INVADER – Alive in Dark Matter

3: KJERTEL – Bonn

4. OF THE LION – Nviear

5. HIKING BLOD – Landet og Elektrik

6. KESSEL - Black Tides

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Limited Edition 7" Bootleggg

My first release (sort of) 40 copies, 2 tracks, spraypainted cdr.

Not the harsh noise i'm making today but it was the best of my early years, 2 tracks ripped from a cassette bearing the same name(minus bootleggg, of course) that was issued in an edition of 1. dual feedback loops, droning bass, slowed down records and tape loops.