Sunday, October 17, 2010


over on the dvr bandcamp i dropped this gem...

a couple of years ago a label that shall remain nameless, had an idea for a series of tapes where the artist uses/destroys another artists work. most people went to reworking non-noise material, i was of no exception...
for whatever reason, this series never took off (at least my tape wasn't done). i still very much love this track. it's built using danzig III as a source. and i turned it into a ghostly hissy mess. if you know the album well you'll here some real familiar parts and could easily follow along if you played them side by side. it's on bandcamp now, and it's a name your own price download, even $0 will work so enjoy...

Friday, October 15, 2010

New Interview + other wreckage

a new short interview is posted over at nihilistic propaganda:

other wreckage...
there is a new 10x c60 set on fusty cunt that i am a part of.
price is $30 us $35 world, i'll post pictures in it's own thread when i can
but it's still available so contact: for details

and here is the line-up:
Damsel In Distress
I Am A Slut
Midnight Heat
Shining Sex

other wreckage pt. deux:
if you blinked you may have missed it...
but the hnw artist known as dead body collection recently did a box set using a sound sources
form other hnw artists, including me...
the actual disc breakdown here:

Cdr 1:
01. Grind [Griz+zlor]
02. Tystnad [Självhat]
Cdr 2:
01. Remains Of The Winter [Smrznik]
02. Proanomie [Vomir]
Cdr 3:
01. Le Travail Doit Être Maudit [Å]
02. Grey Area [Oblive]
Cdr 4
01. Dodecafonie [Svartvit]
02. Maniac Responsible [Werewolf Jerusalem]

i'll upload pictures when i can...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Static Corps

first in a (hopefully) long line of thematically militarized HNW.
VERY slow belly crawling, small arms (single chain) HNW. 
The first TWO chapters of the Field Manual, this is basic training essentials.
we are not a cult...
you will be able to stream the tracks in full (when uploaded) from bandcamp, and purchase DIRECTLY through bandcamp:
EACH cassette is MADE TO ORDER and hand numbered.
still $5us $6 rest of world
purchase will also include a digital download.
or if you just want the digital tracks
1$ to download the album (which also includes a pdf for a cd insert)
this release will ONLY be available for 3 months or for however long the interest is there over 3 months...

Sunday, October 3, 2010


HUM AND HISS is a netlabel releasing harsh noise and HNW material.
here is a comp they just released, that i have a track on:

you might also want to check out the first part here: