Thursday, November 1, 2012


It seems i've overlooked this...

but, Black Summer was the last GRIZ+ZLOR release ever...
this blog will stay as a digital footprint.

ALL new works (art+noise) will be here:

Friday, March 16, 2012


From the AMAZING Phage Tapes!

PT:171 Griz+zlor “Black Summer” 2xc62
Edition of 90 copies in side by side Norelco cases. The cover is a 3 color screen print with the first layer of ink being flat black, second layer being clear gloss and third layer a metallic black. The design is the abstract layering of Paul Dever. The cassettes are spray painted green and stamped with a hand made lino cut.
Here Griz+zlor supplies the last HNW release for the project. Black Summer is a slow low end rumble of the dark days that have past.For maximum effect play at extremely loud volume.

i'll have a deluxe edition available with a book soon. i will not be trading unfortunately, so if your not interested in the book please order or send trade requests to phage tapes...

And with this release, i mark the end of an era and the END of the GRIZ+ZLOR mission...
i will continue under my own and a few other monickers here: 

thank you for all the support this project has received over the years...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Amy Grant Experiment

I know sometimes i neglect updating the blog with digital only downloads from bandcamp, and i apologize for that... but if you didn't hear about it yet, i will inform you now. While digging through my boxed up remnants of my old apartment, i found quite a few random tapes. I've been listening to these tapes to see if they are recyclable or not, and i have found quite a few with some of my recorded output on them. An older habit of mine, for when i recorded, was that i would route my mixer to a cassette player, before my usb recording hub. I very much liked the sound i got by doing that, well some time before i found out i could just leave it on pause, i'd just go ahead and burn through a tape. This tape marked Amy Grant "Lead Me On" is the source for this experiment.

I took the tape and played it back slowed down, and recorded the sound presented(that is pass one). I then took that audio recorded it to tape, and again played it back slowed down and recorded that. From there every couple of weeks i'll upload another pass...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bootleggg cdr's

It's time to start up the Bootleggging idea again...

so, if there is something in my discography that you want a copy of (as long as i have a copy of what you want that is, i know some things i do not.) be it GRIZ+ZLOR, Cursed Aether, DVR, Mystic Soul Alliance, Muff Obsession, or even Failure of a Great Machine Stuff:

i will make a one-of-a-kind bootleggg cdr (set where applicable) for you.
prices will be approximately $4 per cdr shipped in the u.s. and  $6 everywhere else.

you can also check the bandcamp pages for stuff that was never really in print:

also in case you missed it,
my Imperial Noir Label has just released a couple of new items:

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Long Awaited?, The Reissue, and The New!

The Long Awaited?:
c-100 Type II Chrome

Lo-Fi HNW mud worship, again paying Homage to the Sovtek Big Muff Pi.
Many russian units were in servitude for  this outing.
There's really not much to say here, most won't like it, as it concentrates on a very specific sound.
But those that do will be heaven.
Limited to 21 copies, early birds get worms...

The Reissue:

c-95's Type II Chrome

original vocab:
glaciating is a noun (glacier) which becomes a verb, when used in the context of wall building.
glaciers are icy monuments which creep along slowly, exposing crevices in the surface.

no distortion (technically) and no muffs...
relatively cold sounding material, but it still has a bite of bitter crackling.

additional vocab:
Highbrow texture patterns...
not pure enough for the militants, but not variated enough to be JUST harsh noise, 
this time available as single cassettes, so HNW addicts can own both, 
and occasional texture freaks can own one...
good news is, if you buy one tape from bandcamp, you get all tracks in your favorite form of digital file (flac included)...

The New!:


Two HNW heavyweights combine to leave you hip deep in the trenchs...
First in a series of collaborations themed around Military Divisions...
not all will be with HNW peeps, so stay tuned...

Monday, May 30, 2011


See that new tab up there...

that'll explain the project.
copy #001

$5 u.s.
$6 world

e-mail for payment info/ project questions...

grizzlorsmash [at] gmail [dot] com

Friday, May 13, 2011


glaciating is a noun (glacier) which becomes a verb, when used in the context of wall building.
glaciers are icy monuments which creep along slowly, exposing crevices in the surface.

no distortion (technically) and no muffs...
relatively cold sounding material, but it still has a bite of bitter crackling.
digital only name your own price (even free) on bandcamp...

review from Vital Weekly 791:

GRIZ+ZLOR  GLACIATING 1 & 2 ( 2 x  C-90's by Desiccated Husk)
Civilization, any civilization, is doomed because of the goldfish/castle phenomenon. This follows from an understanding of both Laurelle's non-philosophy and also from Deleuze's actualizations of the virtual. (I.E. The last instance for and of The One becomes only seemingly ever and ever present, not that it is, for it's a limit.) Memory and information, supplemented as it is now by the Wiki phenomenon brings with it the need to actualize phenomenon (create intensities) on global and Chaosmosic scales, the ability to instantiate and visualize, viralize the cosmos in
meta-phenomenonologies  and a kind of wishful thinking or ontologizing a real. The more we remember the more that there is to remember, - we remember to remember, place mark the place marks of a life, in other words as language is memory, differentiated memory capable of infinite flux, differentiations - Dx,Dy…or the empty set…  being as it, in itself is re-folded, music like everything else becomes more complex. Reality escapes us  in its superabundance, for example in the very act of reading say Joyce's Ulysses reality is mirrored and so escapes us in our inability to move into the mirrored world, we stand outside of it, suffering from but being aware and so scared - an Alzheimer's which is common to all systems of large dynamic memories… whereas it can distort, shape, enfold, endlessly re-reflect we remain static in front of it, only mentally as well as physically excluded. A tactic is to become a clone, a simulacra. Goldfish music is noise, yet one where even the cas
 tle has
been removed or destroyed in a granulation of sound. A sound of constant low static without synthesis so without time, so without  "ing", only the mundane reality outside of noise provides the real, rather than the complex illusions of mirror play - each telling the truth, each reflection univocally the world which is not noise. Thus HNW effectively walls off the mirror, or mirrors, like an opaque goldfish bowl of infinite size - being dimensionless, well 2x90 minutes here! though this 'time' can  only be given exterior to the work unlike musics internal clocks… and so becomes the limit as *reached*, leaving what could be called if we had a language- self, reality, the real, "This" (my favorite from java) but not The One, not being… better the Hollywood IT! or The Goldfish that is me. (Jliat)

Sunday, October 17, 2010


over on the dvr bandcamp i dropped this gem...

a couple of years ago a label that shall remain nameless, had an idea for a series of tapes where the artist uses/destroys another artists work. most people went to reworking non-noise material, i was of no exception...
for whatever reason, this series never took off (at least my tape wasn't done). i still very much love this track. it's built using danzig III as a source. and i turned it into a ghostly hissy mess. if you know the album well you'll here some real familiar parts and could easily follow along if you played them side by side. it's on bandcamp now, and it's a name your own price download, even $0 will work so enjoy...

Friday, October 15, 2010

New Interview + other wreckage

a new short interview is posted over at nihilistic propaganda:

other wreckage...
there is a new 10x c60 set on fusty cunt that i am a part of.
price is $30 us $35 world, i'll post pictures in it's own thread when i can
but it's still available so contact: for details

and here is the line-up:
Damsel In Distress
I Am A Slut
Midnight Heat
Shining Sex

other wreckage pt. deux:
if you blinked you may have missed it...
but the hnw artist known as dead body collection recently did a box set using a sound sources
form other hnw artists, including me...
the actual disc breakdown here:

Cdr 1:
01. Grind [Griz+zlor]
02. Tystnad [Självhat]
Cdr 2:
01. Remains Of The Winter [Smrznik]
02. Proanomie [Vomir]
Cdr 3:
01. Le Travail Doit Être Maudit [Å]
02. Grey Area [Oblive]
Cdr 4
01. Dodecafonie [Svartvit]
02. Maniac Responsible [Werewolf Jerusalem]

i'll upload pictures when i can...