This is brand new audio!
This isn't a new Cursed Tape, but an extended idea, or maybe more in spirit with the original thought, a sequel.


After you receive the tape (it's a c90), copy it however you can.
For example if you can not dub tapes directly and need to transfer it to another media first, that's ok, any extra dirt it gets from whatever archaic machine you use is natural and expected.
Please use your imagination in copying/processing, but please don't forget the spirit of the release. (this is HNW)

This time around, YOU are responsible for creating the new artwork.
Here's some guidelines though:

1.artist name or one of the logos (download links below) must be put on the release. of the release: (Twice Cursed)

3.the next 3 digit number in series. so if you got tape 001, the tape you make needs to be 002.
It can be written or typed on the back of the j-card.

4. an internet address pointing here, to the instructions, so theres no issues.
It can be written or typed on the back of the j-card.

lastly, but not a must, any pictures/scans of the new artwork e-mail to me here.
and i'll post them. also if you rip your tape to wav/flac/mp3 or whatever please send me a link to that as well with the number of the tape.
email grizzlorsmash at gmail dot com


COPY #2:

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