Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Amy Grant Experiment

I know sometimes i neglect updating the blog with digital only downloads from bandcamp, and i apologize for that... but if you didn't hear about it yet, i will inform you now. While digging through my boxed up remnants of my old apartment, i found quite a few random tapes. I've been listening to these tapes to see if they are recyclable or not, and i have found quite a few with some of my recorded output on them. An older habit of mine, for when i recorded, was that i would route my mixer to a cassette player, before my usb recording hub. I very much liked the sound i got by doing that, well some time before i found out i could just leave it on pause, i'd just go ahead and burn through a tape. This tape marked Amy Grant "Lead Me On" is the source for this experiment.

I took the tape and played it back slowed down, and recorded the sound presented(that is pass one). I then took that audio recorded it to tape, and again played it back slowed down and recorded that. From there every couple of weeks i'll upload another pass...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bootleggg cdr's

It's time to start up the Bootleggging idea again...

so, if there is something in my discography that you want a copy of (as long as i have a copy of what you want that is, i know some things i do not.) be it GRIZ+ZLOR, Cursed Aether, DVR, Mystic Soul Alliance, Muff Obsession, or even Failure of a Great Machine Stuff:

i will make a one-of-a-kind bootleggg cdr (set where applicable) for you.
prices will be approximately $4 per cdr shipped in the u.s. and  $6 everywhere else.

you can also check the bandcamp pages for stuff that was never really in print:

also in case you missed it,
my Imperial Noir Label has just released a couple of new items: