Saturday, August 4, 2007

Colosus of White Tar (Collaboration w/ Jute Gyte)

Collaborative 3" cdr from Jute Gyte's Label Jeshimoth Entertainment. Each of us laid out a base track, then the other person added their track, and the person with the base track made the final mix with a new track....

a review from Heathen Harvest:

Paul Dever (Griz+zlor) and Adam Kalmbach (Jute Gyte) collaborate in a massive head-on meteoritic collision of unstoppably brutal noise. The explosion starts right away, there’s absolutely no preamble, it just pounces on you and doesn’t let go for just over twenty minutes. It’s as if the explosives were detonated, then the very next second time was stopped and stretched out interminably so that the resultant infinity of boil and roil could be recorded. Back in the studio the furnace storm was added to and layered with screaming feedback and agonised wailing, the pitch elongated and shoved up the scale in places, and made to sound as if Nature herself was being tortured in an effort to extract her last secrets.

There’s no doubt the two tracks on this 3” CDr (it may as well be a single entity though as one runs up against the other without interruption) are uncompromisingly acidic and caustic – however it’s more than that, because if you listen carefully you will pick up the nuances and subtleties that define this as the work of a two-headed beast. Each artist began by creating a base track which the other then added to and messed with; finally it went back to the original artist for final refinement. Dever employs thick impastos of gritty coarse noise creating a solid sonic canvas; conversely Kalmbach takes a more nuanced approach, picking out the highlights with piercing screech and wail.

After having reviewed Jute Gyte’s ‘Arakan’ recently I wasn’t sure about this: but I have no hesitation in pronouncing this a very successful partnership. Dever and Kalmbach have each played to their individual strengths and produced works which complement and enhance each other. Noise, as chaotic and unstructured as many deem it, follows its own set of rules; understanding the nature of noise and its interactions means that you can work with it, manipulate it and mould it like any artist would his chosen medium. Some are better at it than others. Fortunately both these artists know how to respect and handle their material and have avoided the sin of imposition; instead they have added just enough to bring out the inherent potential in the other’s work without affecting the original material negatively.

It’s a fraught tightrope walk I would think – taking someone else’s work and bringing something of yourself to it while avoiding overwhelming it with your own personal stamp. Dever and Kalmbach have a fine sense of balance apparently, knowing when to push and when to step back to let things take their own course – this augurs well for any future collisions.

Review from Vital Weekly 612 week 5:

With Griz+Zlor (being one Paul Dever), Jute Gyte made a collaborative release of two ten minute tracks of unrelentltness noise. Here it's cut down to ten minutes, but both pieces work rather single minded, so three would have been fine too, The least of this lot. Too much Merzbow on a of-day.

here is the base track i created:
(right click, save target as, for windows...i don't know how you mac people do it)

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