Sunday, February 28, 2010

Audial Decimation Compilation Vol.1

ADR003 a compilation from Audial Decimation Records
my track is another in my statue series using a statue as a source. This time though i was using four different lines producing a very pronounced texture. Very much along the lines of Domina Oriens.

Original Label Description:

A compilation of Power Electronics, Wall Noise, Harsh Noise, Death Industrial and pure Sonic Terror. 500 pro pressed shrink wrapped cds with 16 page full color booklet with full page for each project. ALL EXCLUSIVE TO THIS RELEASE

track listing is (in order):

GRUNT - Wings of Revolution
88MM - Funeral March of the Cosmological Principle
GRIZ+ZLOR - Statue003
BRETHREN - Zionist Axiom
EMIL BEAULIEAU - The Wild Goose Goes
MANIA - Wake Up and Kill
PRURIENT - The Shortness of Life
FFH - Disposable women
PAIN NAIL - Watchtower
NEFARIOUS COMPLEX - Hymn of a Psycho
DEATHKEY - Monolith

A Review from an unknown source (i'll separate what's relevant if possible):

Griz+zlor: Brutal walls of chunky, grinding noise attack you from your speakers at the onset of this track. High pitched pings float over the chaos. The noise moves and shifts as lower throbs make their way to the surface. The amount of variation and time length makes Statue003 a standout track among the sea of strictly noise artists who dominate the scene.

A Review from Plaguecast:

Griz+zlor - Statue003: Wall Noise can get kind of boring if the artist has no purpose or sense of direction. The Griz is definitely one of my favorites because he suffers from neither of these maladies. Using a statue as the source sound, it carves it’s way around the brain folds and inserts enough variety to keep you guessing.

A review from Antimodene Tonträger:
“Statue003″ by Griz+Zlor is a nice contrast to the predecessing tracks. Overdriven, saturated and static waves of distortion with minor or almost no movement. Very harsh.


Back Cover:

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