Friday, October 15, 2010

New Interview + other wreckage

a new short interview is posted over at nihilistic propaganda:

other wreckage...
there is a new 10x c60 set on fusty cunt that i am a part of.
price is $30 us $35 world, i'll post pictures in it's own thread when i can
but it's still available so contact: for details

and here is the line-up:
Damsel In Distress
I Am A Slut
Midnight Heat
Shining Sex

other wreckage pt. deux:
if you blinked you may have missed it...
but the hnw artist known as dead body collection recently did a box set using a sound sources
form other hnw artists, including me...
the actual disc breakdown here:

Cdr 1:
01. Grind [Griz+zlor]
02. Tystnad [Självhat]
Cdr 2:
01. Remains Of The Winter [Smrznik]
02. Proanomie [Vomir]
Cdr 3:
01. Le Travail Doit Être Maudit [Å]
02. Grey Area [Oblive]
Cdr 4
01. Dodecafonie [Svartvit]
02. Maniac Responsible [Werewolf Jerusalem]

i'll upload pictures when i can...

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