Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Amy Grant Experiment

I know sometimes i neglect updating the blog with digital only downloads from bandcamp, and i apologize for that... but if you didn't hear about it yet, i will inform you now. While digging through my boxed up remnants of my old apartment, i found quite a few random tapes. I've been listening to these tapes to see if they are recyclable or not, and i have found quite a few with some of my recorded output on them. An older habit of mine, for when i recorded, was that i would route my mixer to a cassette player, before my usb recording hub. I very much liked the sound i got by doing that, well some time before i found out i could just leave it on pause, i'd just go ahead and burn through a tape. This tape marked Amy Grant "Lead Me On" is the source for this experiment.

I took the tape and played it back slowed down, and recorded the sound presented(that is pass one). I then took that audio recorded it to tape, and again played it back slowed down and recorded that. From there every couple of weeks i'll upload another pass...

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