Sunday, July 25, 2010


repost from Desiccated Husk. I'll add more thoughts/reviews when they come in.

CURSED AETHER - IV c-100 edition of 40 copies
(standard norelco boxed, and standard d/s color printed insert [even though the artwork is all b/w]
like all cursed aether, 
the track is a very minimal no movement...
recorded 12.31.09 during the Blue Moon
(also happened to be my birthday)
it looks like Muff Obsession II is gonna be quite a few more months away so i won't hold this back any longer.
$5 u.s  $6 everywhere else
paypal to: grizzlorsmash [at] gmail [dot] com
or you can just click here:
p.s. no trades on this right now.
that will change in a couple weeks though hopefully.

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