Saturday, August 7, 2010



i always wanted to, even from the beginning, make my own set-up, so it would be a one-of-a-kind thing.
my gear whoring has always stood in the way, i've started the long process of selling off most of my gear.
so i have no choice but to make my own in order to record, a bit of tough love on myself, but i'm sure i can follow through. so one could only expect a bit of a hiatus until i finish my gear purge and begin/complete the making of new equipment.

i have about eight releases out in the aether at this point...
i expect to see four of them materialize at some point, the other four i've given up hope on long ago, for the best i assume, i probably wouldn't like any of that audio now...

Cursed Aether - i think has run it's course, maybe it'll appear again, but there are no other current releases planned for this project, and i might get to uploading the mp3's for this project soon...

DVR - i have one last thing to record for now, then i'll purge that gear and follow suit with a new era of electronics... a few early works will be uploaded shortly

GRIZ+ZLOR: the last official recording (for now) will be the 12 month cassette tape swap hnw edition, there is of course muff obsession II, but again that won't be credited to anyone in particular (the muff is the only thing important), a collaboration with infirmary has been in the works for a while now and is probably the only thing kinda imminent on the release table... some early works, and some wreckage that just never made it will be uploaded asap.

Mystic Soul Alliance -  is done, anything i have done under this name will fit under the dvr banner. all this work will be uploaded asap...


here are some un-realized releases as well as some un-used artwork for real life releases...

Devil Man was supposed to be a 1 of 1 tape using a recycled cassette box, well i never got to actually recording it and it's for the best, the label came right off... (p.s. same story for metamorphosed into stone)

Huginn & Munnin
thought and memory, Odin's Ravens
was gonna be a double cdr set available individually as well.

Here's the original layout for the Audial Decimation comp booklet...
it really needed color, even though the statue series was all b&w

The original single tape version looked a lot like the deluxe version,
i just thought that needed to change.

Following are a series of layouts for the Enemata tape, which may never come out,
that's probably for the better though, and certainly no hard feelings, times is tough all over.

a random image made from the statue images used on adr, i like the way it looked,
just no way to use it at this point.
and finally metamorphosed into stone, same story as devil man

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